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Reduce risk and administration

Thirdfort helps you know your client, verify their source of funds and securely manage payments.

Legal ID

Digital client onboarding

  • Facial recognition
  • Document scanning
  • PEPs and Sanctions

Funds checker

Verify source of funds rapidly

  • Open banking technology
  • Bank statement analytics
  • Account checking


With the best ID, source of funds and transaction technology combined into a seamless journey onboard clients in minutes not days.

Peace of mind

Combining facial recognition technology with document scanning and open banking, confidently know your clients and the true source of their wealth.


Security is our top priority. We encrypt sensitive client data, verify bank accounts before making payments and use industry leading authentication. We also have comprehensive insurance cover through Aon.

Client experience

The client journey is straightforward and intuitive within our App. No need for endless form filling and sending documents back and forth.

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